HARDWATER - A Film by Ryan Brod & Daniel Sites

What's more 'Maine' than lobster, rocky coastlines, blueberries, or moose?  Ice fishing!

HARDWATER chronicles quintessential Mainer Bob Foster, the last in a dying breed of winter anglers.  Through rich, on-ice storytelling and reflection on a long outdoor life, 77-year-old  Foster paints a picture of Maine's ice fishing history, while introducing us to key players in the tribal community today.  His anecdotes illuminate controversial environmental issues, and in between stories he tends traps and attempts to catch the storied landlocked salmon - Maine's official fish and the species most susceptible to the changing environment.

Ultimately, HARDWATER is a film about a treasured Maine tradition, shared passion for storytelling and the ways in which ice fishing brings people together during the harshest of seasons.



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