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Jack Traps Big Bait Release Clip

Do you like to ice fish with big, live bait to catch that monster pike or lake trout? Are you sick of chasing bait flags on your super sensitive Jack Traps? We have the answer for you! Our Big Bait Release Clip works similar to a downrigger release – just run your line through the clip and it holds your big bait from setting off the trip mechanism. When the fish takes your bait the line easily releases from the clip, sets off your flag and you are free spooling with NO resistance from a drag.

Here at Jack Traps do not believe in having a drag on your ice fishing tip-up; fish will drop the bait more often than not when they feel that resistance on the reel. Less resistance means you’ll catch more fish! Tension adjustments on our Big Bait Release Clip can be made easily with the thumb screw (included) and by placing your line lower or higher in the clip. The higher you place your line in the clip the more tightly it will hold for larger bait.

Includes detailed instructions for installing on your Jack Traps.

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