43" Big Bob Greenleaf Camo Center with Line

Standing almost 5 feet above the ice with the flag up, the Big Bob can be seen from 1/2 mile away or more, making it ideal for the ice fisherman that wants to really spread out their traps. Features a 4 inch reel for increased line capacity and sensitivity. Now available in Greenleaf Camo, this trap features a Greenleaf Camo center with natural wood wings.

Please choose a flag color. Your trap comes lined with 300+ feet of top-quality 36-lb test waxed nylon ice fishing line by U.S. Line Company in your choice of color. Additionally, if you would like your traps "ready to fish", we can also finish the rigging with a swivel, leader (12-lb test Maxima line) and hook (choose hook size).

If you will be rigging the traps yourself, just choose "None" for the Leader & Hook option.

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